Stockton Man Charged for Instigating Pit Bull Attack on Neighbor

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The man allegedly encouraged the pit bull to attack the victim.

A Stockton man has been charged with multiple counts after allowing his pit bull to attack a neighbor with whom he’d been arguing.

According to News10, 33-year-old Isaiah Howard got into a verbal argument with his 28-year-old neighbor outside their Manchester Avenue apartment complex around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening. Stockton police say that at some point during the altercation, Howard went to his apartment and opened the door, allowing his pet pit bull to come out. The dog then attacked the neighbor, biting him several times.

The victim’s girlfriend attempted to stop the dog attack by stabbing the dog. Mr. Howard then began attacking the woman, who reportedly killed the pit bull.

Stockton police arrived on the scene and arrested Mr. Howard on multiple counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, making terrorist threats and vandalism. There have been no reports on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim or whether he or the girlfriend will also face charges in the case.

In addition to the criminal charges, Mr. Howard may also face civil penalties if his victim decides to sue for damages. If the police and witness reports are correct, Mr. Howard clearly acted negligently in deliberately allowing the dog to attack his neighbor. Under California law, negligent dog owners can be held financially responsible for injuries their dogs may cause to others.

While it appears the victim’s injuries were not life-threatening, other dog bite victims may not be so lucky. In 2011, reported that dog attacks resulted in 31 deaths nationwide. According to the organization’s statistics, four of these deaths occurred in California and all four attacks involved pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Statistically, pit bulls accounted for 71% of all dog bite fatalities in the U.S. in 2011.

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