Maryland Decrees That Pit Bulls are Not Inherently Aggressive

The Maryland House of Delegates has unanimously approved a bill reversing an earlier ruling that caused protest among pit bull owners and activists. As we previously reported on this site, Maryland legislators have been debating the so-called “dog bite bill,” which would recognize all dog breeds as having the potential for aggression. Since a controversial ruling last year, the state has recognized pit bulls as “inherently dangerous,” and the new bill reverses that measure.

What This Means for Pit Bull Owners

Now that the Maryland House of Delegates has approved the bill with a vote of 133-0, it will go to the Senate. If ultimately approved, it will mean that pit bull owners are held to the same standards as other breed owners in the event of a dog bite or attack. Currently, since pit bulls are designated as inherently dangerous, pit bull owners and landlords are held to strict liability standards for dog bites without previous evidence of aggression on the part of the dog. As a result, many landlords are hesitant to even rent to pit bull owners. This bill would end the discrimination.

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What This Means for Dog Bite Victims

The bill I actually good news for dog bite victims. It presumes that all dog owners – regardless of the animal’s breed – are responsible for attacks made by their dogs. The bill dictates that all breeds have the potential for aggression, and as a result, dog bite victims have much greater legal recourse when bites do occur.

While statistics do demonstrate higher rates of aggression by certain breeds including pit bulls, wolf hybrids and rottweilers, we have seen vicious attacks come at the hands of a wide variety of breeds, and dog owners always need to be held accountable when these attacks occur, whether the animal in question happens to be a large German Shepherd or a Miniature Schnauzer.

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