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Can I find an experienced California dog bite lawyer at your firm?

Our California dog bite lawyers have helped countless victims of dog bites with their lawsuits and litigation. Our California dog bite attorneys are well-versed on the statutes surrounding dog bite incidents, and can help to protect your rights and seek the compensation you may be entitled to. Let Nadrich and Cohen help you today.

At Nadrich and Cohen, our California dog bite attorneys are here to take your case. Our credentials include:


  • 25 years of experience
  • 99 percent success rate
  • 24 California offices
  • An extensive database of medical care specialists

Consult with California dog bite lawyers who are experts at statutes involving dog bites. If you're a victim learn more about the potential for a lawsuit.

Victims of dog bites have a right to file a lawsuit, and need a California dog bite attorney familiar with current statute and laws in this area. At Nadrich and Cohen, our California dog bite lawyers will bring experience and expertise to your case, and help you as they've helped countless others in you position in the past.

The laws concerning dog bites can be confusing for those not familiar with them, making it all the more important to have qualified California dog bite lawyers handling your litigation. Learn more about how our California dog bite attorneys can help you.

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