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What sets a California dog bite attorney from your firm apart from others?

Our California dog bite attorneys have extensive experience in dog attack litigation and lawsuits, and have secured millions in settlements for victims of dog bites. The difference you’ll find at Nadrich Cohen is experience in this area of law. Let our California dog bite lawyers prove their expertise by helping you.

Let our California dog bite lawyers secure a settlement for you. What does the firm of Nadrich and Cohen bring to the table for our clients? Namely:

Dog bites can lead to serious injury or even death for victims. Let our experienced California dog bite attorneys make the most of your lawsuit.

Assign responsibility for injuries that result from dog bites by letting our California dog bite attorneys file a lawsuit. Victims just like you have been compensated for their pain with a monetary settlement, and so should you. Consult with one of our California dog bite lawyers and begin the process of filing your claim.

Join the many victims of dog attacks we’ve helped, and let our California dog bite lawyers handle your litigation. Hold those responsible for your dog bites accountable with the help of our California dog bite attorneys.

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