Certain California Homeowner’s Insurance Companies Are Denying Insurance For the Pit Bull Breed



Certain insurance companies are denying coverage for Pit Bull breeds. These breeds are being seen as a potential liability and the risks are deemed too high by some insurance companies.  One insurance company was quoted in a Sacramento Bee article that it has begun contacting its insureds with pit bulls and other breeds known for aggression, advising them that these breeds are now considered too risky to insure and that they would be losing their present homeowner’s coverage for dog bite claims.

The result is that a home owner has to decide whether to keep insurance with that company or have their pets not insured. Certain insurance studies have concluded that the cost of liability lawsuits involving certain dog breeds can be greater than the profit insurance companies would otherwise make on the insurance. The Insurance Information Institute published a report showing that as of 2013 dog bites made over 1/3 of all home owner liability claims and that the average home owner dog bite claim cost the insurance company $27,800. The largest number of these claims were filed in California.

The report stated that dog related home owner insurance claims have increased by 5.5% in 2013. The increase can be attributed to non dog bite injuries such as knockdowns where a dog has knocked someone down, or tripped them, or scratched them, or frightened them.

If you or a loved one was involved in a dog bite claim we know exactly what to do, what breeds are covered and what breeds are not and how we can obtain coverage for you against the homeowner’s insurance company.

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