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Can families of victims of fatal dog attacks pursue litigation?

Fatal dog attacks do occur, and families of victims can file a lawsuit and pursue litigation. Dog attack statistics show such attacks aren’t uncommon, and our personal injury lawyers can help families hold those responsible for the loss of their loved one accountable. Seek the help of the personal injury attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen in dogbite cases.


The personal injury attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen are here to help families of victims of fatal dog attacks. Our staff offers an impressive resume that includes:

Dog attack statistics prove that fatalities can occur in such attacks. Consult with us regarding litigation and lawsuit options.

According to the latest dog attack statistics in California, fatal dog attacks are not necessarily few and far between. In such cases the surviving victims, namely the family, have the right to consult a personal injury attorney and pursue litigation. Make your lawsuit count by consulting with the experienced professionals of Nadrich and Cohen.

Victims of dogbites are often injured far beyond mere flesh wounds. Fatal dog attacks are showing up in dog attack statistics, and our personal injury attorneys help families seek justice for those lost in such incidents.

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