Dog Bite Sufferer Shocked by Medical Bill

Dog bites are serious business, and I do mean “business.” Not only must you contend with the physical agony, but you may be slapped with a medical bill that just defies logic. At least, that’s certainly the case with Cara West of Kansas City, Kansas. She learned the hard way that dog bites can have a pretty serious impact on the old wallet.

According to a report from the local NBC affiliate, West pulled over to help a cocker spaniel that had been injured. “I was trying to calm him,” she told reporters. “I reached down to check his tags and that’s when he bit my finger.” According to West, the dog then scampered off. Her finger was bleeding, but the injury wasn’t too serious. At the recommendation of her insurance company and local health department, she went to the local emergency for a rabies shot. No big deal, right?

Dog Bites Can Carry a Heavy Price Tag

Well imagine Cara West’s surprise when she received the bill and discovered that her out-of-pocket expense was an astonishing $2,320. Even more shocking, the total bill (including all of the charges) came to a whopping $31,312, which included a $30,168 charge for pharmacy services. As you can imagine, West was in shock. Nevertheless, she has no regrets about helping the dog. “I’m glad he wasn’t hurt that bad. I just wish I had caught him first,” she told NBC.

The Takeaway

Stories like this serve as startling reminders of why dog bites present such a serious problem in our society. Even if you aren’t seriously injured, the financial costs can be downright Earth shaking. That’s why it’s so important to contact a qualified dog bite lawyer when an attack does occur. You may be entitled to compensation, and you don’t have to fight the battle alone. Here in California, dog owners bear strict liability if one of their dogs bites a human being. The attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen LLP have been helping dog bite victims for nearly 25 years, and we would be glad to offer any advice or assistance if you should require it.

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