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Do dog bites represent just cause for a personal injury lawsuit?

Dog bites are cause for a lawsuit, and countless victims have benefited by filing a lawsuit through our dog bite lawyers and personal injury attorneys. Statistics show that such cases are rising, and dog bite laws and statutes generally hold owners responsible. Consult the personal injury lawyers of Nadrich and Cohen today.

At Nadrich and Cohen, our personal injury attorneys and dog bite lawyers bring an impressive resume to each case including:

Victims of dog bites have rights, including the right to file a lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers are experts on dog bite laws, and can help you.

A dog bite lawyer should be well versed concerning dog bite laws, and when your lawsuit is handled by one of our personal injury attorneys the type of expertise you’ll get. Victims of dog bites have an ally in our team of personal injury lawyers.

Dog bite laws and statutes are clear in assigning responsibility to owners, and our dog bite lawyers can help you seek recovery for your injuries. Statistics show cases involving dog bites are up, and our team of professionals has helped countless clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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