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A dog can be a great pet. It can also provide a strong deterrent against burglary. Unfortunately, dogs are also known to injure, maim, and even kill innocent victims. TheCenters for Disease Control reports that approximately 800,000 individuals seek medical attention for dog bites nationwide every year, and that about 4.5 million dog attacks occur. In 2013 five persons died as a result of dog attacks in California. If you are injured in a dog attack it is important that you hire an attorney to represent you on your claim. The lawyers at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP have extensive experience successfully representing clients who have suffered injury in dog attacks.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog in California, you need the assistance of a dog bite injury lawyer that knows California dog bite law as it applies to your case. To speak with a dog bite injury attorney immediately, call (661) 463-1711.

California’s Law on Dog Bites

California is a strict liability state for dog bites. This means that if a dog bites and injures a person who either is on the property lawfully or is in public, the owner is liable for any resultant injuries. The strict liability provision does not apply for dog attack injuries that do not involve bites, however. For instance, if a dog runs up and knocks you down, causing you to be injured, the laws governing negligence apply. Moreover, the strict liability provision does not apply to anyone other than the owner, even if they had possession of the dog at the time of the incident. In such a case the law of negligence again is invoked unless the caretaker  had prior knowledge that the dog is considered dangerous.
Los Angeles County ordinances call for a hearing whenever a dog attacks someone and may be considered dangerous. If at the hearing the judge determines that the dog is, indeed, dangerous, the owner may be required to keep it contained or otherwise separate so that danger to the public at large is minimized. In some cases where a dog has repeatedly attacked it may be destroyed. 
Certain breeds statistically are more likely to attack people than others. There is considerable debate on whether this is due to the nature of certain breeds or simply how certain dogs are raised, but the following are the breeds most likely to attack, in order:

Dog Bite Statistics

One may be surprised at how many people are attacked by dogs in a single year nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control reports that about 4.5 million people are attacked and over 800,000 are treated for injuries. In California 5 people were killed in dog attacks in 2013. Sadly, by far the majority of people who are injured or killed in dog attacks are children ages 5-9. This may be due to the innate curiosity of children in that age group. It may also be attributable to their relatively small stature.

What to Do in Case of a Dog Attack

Parents should discuss with their children how important it is that they avoid strange dogs. Indeed, they should not go near dogs that they know, either, unless the owner gives them permission. Children should be supervised around dogs at all times. Also, if a child—or anyone for that matter—approaches a dog, this should be done slowly. Make sure to let the dog sniff you before petting it. 
The law partners of Nadrich & Cohen, LLP share a combined 55 years of experience dealing with insurance companies on dog bite cases. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries due to a dog bite or dog attack, you need the assistance and aid of the aggressive and experienced California Dog Bite law firm, Nadrich & Cohen, LLP. Contact our attorneys today at (661) 463-1711.
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