Annapolis Maryland Officials Debate Pit Bull Bill

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Are pit bulls inherently dangerous? A new bill set before Maryland’s House of Delegates seeks to address that very question. The state’s Court of Appeals ruled last year that pit bulls are dangerous by nature, but the move has been controversial, leaving Pit Bull activists crying foul. “Any owner should be responsible for their pet and make sure they use discretion when they’re letting their pet off leash,” one Baltimore County dog lover told ABC.

Legislators in the House of Delegates and State Senate appear to be listening to the public, as they are now in the process of putting together a bill that would declare all dogs inherently dangerous.  This is actually great news for the people of Maryland, because it holds own dog owners accountable for bites and attacks made by their dogs.

In California, we already have laws in place that hold dog owners responsible for the actions of their pets, but some states have been more ambiguous on this issue. By acknowledging that all dogs carry the potential for aggression, Maryland is affording its citizens the ability to seek compensation from owners of all breeds in the event of a vicious attack.

The bill is especially good news for pit bull owners. In addition to ending discrimination against the breed, this bill would make it easier for renters to own dogs that are traditionally stigmatized as being aggressive. According to ABC, landlords could only be sued by a dog bite victim if said victim can prove the landlord should have known the dog was aggressive.

Statistically, pit bulls are more likely to attack, according to data from the CDC. While the reasons may be debated, the numbers are clear. Pit bulls are responsible for the greatest number of dog bites, followed by rottweilers and wolf Hybrids. Nevertheless, any breed of dog has the potential for aggression, and dog owners should be extremely vigilant about socializing, disciplining and monitoring their pets, especially those pets that show aggressive tendencies.

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